Report: 100% Renewable Energy

100% Renewable Energy Agenda

Released by: Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center

We can have cleaner, healthier communities today and a livable future for generations to come — but to get there, we need to transform the way we produce and consume energy. That means a major effort to conserve energy, combined with a transition to clean, renewable sources of energy to meet all of our needs.

Recent advances in clean energy and energy saving technologies enable us to envision a world where all of the energy we use to power our homes, our businesses, our institutions, and our transportation system comes from pollution-free sources like the sun and wind.

To protect our health, clean up our air, and ensure a safe future for our children, and to lead the way for the rest of the nation and the world, Massachusetts should set out an ambitious plan to achieve 100 percent renewable energy. The winner of this fall’s gubernatorial election should do everything possible to accelerate our transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, including implementing the recommendations in this agenda.